Maya Shapiro, PhD

Senior Manager, Human Insights and Service Design

Maya has been working as an Applied Anthropologist for over a decade, combining her energy for understanding social issues and human behaviour with her interest in exploring how business problems play out in the world. She has worked across industries, from Healthcare to Telecom, Consumer Packaged Goods and Financial Services, encouraging her clients and colleagues to adopt new perspectives and try different approaches to problem-solving. Maya believes that there are no easy answers. Lately, she has been especially interested in ageing and caregiving, inclusive design, and the social life of digital tools.

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Day 1: Sep 21, 2021

Day 2: Sep 22, 2021

3:45 pm

3:45 pm


How to Utilize Customer Insights to Design Exceptional Digital Experiences

In a crowded marketplace, companies must offer experiences that are truly exceptional to influence buying behaviour. Capture real-time customer insights to drive targeted solutions by having your clients at the table. Adopt best practices to:

  • Identify human-centred design approaches to provide unique insight
  • How to validate solutions for differentiation
  • Different ways to pressure test solutions for impact

Bolster your digital experiences with fresh and real-time customer feedback.